SAMview™ 3.1 Upgrade Offer

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This page features current upgrades of both software and hardware available for Signature Technologies' products.  Please contact us if you wish to upgrade a product not listed below.

SAMview 3.1 Upgrade Offer, Priced per Press


Description   Price
UPG3-1 SAMview/MPMview 2.x to SAMview 3.1 upgrade $795
UPG3-2 SAM500 on-site upgrade $ call or email
UPG3-3 SAMview/MPMview 1.x to SAMview 3.1 upgrade $1295
UPG3-4 SAMview 3.x to SAMview 3.1 upgrade $ Free!
UPG3-5 Xlate Signature Conversion to ASCII utility $99
UPG3-6 Xlate Signature Conversion to ASCII utility Upgrade $ Free!

Special Ordering Instructions:

SAM500 customers: The SAM500 used two different technologies for storing firmware, "Flash" or PROM. Flash can be upgraded by disk but PROM versions must be returned for a firmware upgrade or installed in your factory by a Signature Technologies Representative. To determine which type of board you have, look on the front of the SAM card, there are 2 holes marked SW1 and SW2. If there are push-buttons in the holes, the system has "Flash" memory and can be upgraded by disk. Otherwise, your board set is a PROM version. Please Note:

PROM upgrade service performed at Signature Technologies is $300/SAM500.
SAMview 3.x and Xlate Utility Customers: In order to qualify for your free upgrade, the system to be upgraded must be registered as being sold with this version.

On-Line Ordering Instructions:

Click the email target at the end of this section and include in the email the option you have selected from the table above by referencing the item number.  If you are not sure which upgrade you should order then just ask us to tell you what the appropriate upgrade is for your system(s) either by phoning us or by requesting same in your email.  EMAIL ORDER.




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