To gain access to the User Manual Area we request that you please email us and request an access permit/address.  We hope this does not inconvenience you but our manual is almost 400 pages, 50% of which consists of valuable general information relating to the use sensors, installing sensors, mounting resolvers, etc.  It is reserved for customers only.  Much of this information is already available in separate documents on the Documentation page you just came from...use the browser back key.

The manual available on-line is content-equal to Version 3.xx, DOS - NOT THE WINDOWS VERSION.  Although both products function in a similar manner the Windows version has many additional features.  The screen shots and installation of software in this manual do not apply to the Windows version.  Installation of the Windows version and the software manual for that version are included on the installation disk and help files within the product.

This manual starts with installation of the signatureACE® and includes all the critical installation details. Again, hardware, sensors, resolvers, and installation tips within this manual apply to both versions since they share common hardware.

NOTE:  Confirm you do not already have this manual prior to downloading. 

There are two versions of the manual, one is just under 10MB (can be emailed on most corporate servers allowing documents of this size) and the other is 15MB (much better for printing). Both manuals are in pdf format.  Do not attempt to download these manuals without at least a 250K internet connection speed. Printing of this document will render the photographs in screen resolution making it possibly unsuitable for servicing and setup.

You may gain access by either calling our offices or an email request including your Company, Contact name, Phone Number, Email address, and a processor serial number.  The processor serial number is found by selecting Network from the SAMview Utilities pull-down menu. Then click on the name of any SAM whose green LED is on. The processor serial number is found in the Processor box, S/N item.




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