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SAMview is where it all started...first as a signature-based process control product, the only of it's kind...even today!  Customers requested the addition of functions they had on their current press control systems and now SAMview has grown into a complete suite of products that do everything available on the market today for press control and process control in discrete manufacturing processes.

Although the primary market is metalforming equipment, this product is used on just about EVERY manufacturing process that involves motion whether it be metal, plastic, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, etc.

There are over 30 man-years of development in a product that has been used since 1989.  During that time we have managed to keep all products backwards compatible or provided very reasonable upgrade paths.  Today, our product is hosted on Microsoft Windows operating systems with all the benefits of multi-tasking operating systems being made available to the user.  Networking this product provides the ability to view or edit documents at the machine, report information throughout the plant network or internet, expedite setups, maintain high productivity.

Below is a brief overview of modules.  If you click this link you can go on a self directed tour of screens:  SAMview Tour

Operation Overview (Status)

Designed by operators for operators!  Very simple user interface providing summary data from each of the modules that follow.  This screen displays everything the operator needs: Part/Batch counters, Run-time, Die-protection status, Tonnage monitoring, Clutch Brake Monitor status, Crank position (exact angle and graphic), In-die sensor measurements, and more.  What's better is it can be customized to fit your needs. Great touch-screen interface!

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Production Monitoring

Production monitoring is frequently a product supplied as an option costing thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.  They are also complex software products in their own right requiring extensive training and frequently providing many functions never used.  Similar to Word, they can do almost anything but are only used about 5% by most users.  We studied users and came up with two simple approaches.  One is local information at the press.  The other is using the advantage of being networked based to supply information from each press in a format that someone can used any office tools to consolidate and present the information.  Most users just make a spreadsheet and then export to their presentations tools.  One more thing...our data is real-time over the can watch it change as it's happening, even if the screen is not on the front of your open windows!  Simple, low cost, and just what you need without the complexity!

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Setup is a screen located at the press that allows all setup and reference information relating to a specific tool or job to be selected without needing to know specific file names.  Local or network documents, pictures, drawings, text files, spreadsheets, or any file can be tied to a specific tool and recalled from a simple touch-screen or mouse selection by the operator.  If the applications exist on the local machine or the network then the selected documents can be edited for as-built or tuned for higher productivity.  A simple machine located way to improve productivity and maintain current documentation.

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Job/Batch Part Counting

Keep track of how many parts you have made in a job and in during the current batch.  Automatically stop or use outputs to shift the output to another bin.  Nice large graphic display allows for visual "feel" of current levels from a distance.  Simple, powerful, and effective.

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SAMview is our easy to use graphical interface to your process. The powerful software monitors the sensors inside tooling or the press, stopping the process whenever it detects variation in automatically set control limits. This PC-based product can hold Master Reference signatures as well as setup information for hundreds of Tools. Push-buttons controls make it easy to setup for a new job or review history of a current job. Playback of most recent faults is a function key away!

Choose tonnage monitoring, in-dies sensors of any type, or create "virtual channels" from existing real channels and display these as numbers, graphs, or charts...all in real-time with scale, zoom, default window, and alarm limiting.

There is much more to this product than can be written here.

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Signatures provide you with an insight into your process. With that understanding, you can focus on quality issues. SPCview statistical Analysis software permits you to define pertinent characteristics of the signature, give them meaningful names and track them. Have the system automatically shut down the press upon deviation from your 6-sigma quality standard, alerting the operator as to the specific cause.

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DIEview is an easy-to-use programming screen used to set up your die protection inputs. For each tool, tell the system what sensors are connected and how they should operate - give them meaningful names - and you are done. The next time that tool is loaded, your press will be protected from the first stroke. Any die protection problems will show up in plain English, allowing the operator to quickly identify, correct, and resume production.

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CAMview is an easy-to-use interface which will pre-program cyclical outputs. Outputs will actuate at the desired angle and remain on for the defined time or angle dwell. As with our DieView package, these outputs are defined once and automatically get loaded whenever the tool is placed into service.

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Clutch Brake Monitoring

Protect your employees, yourself, and comply with OSHA regulations...know immediately if your press is not stopping per regulations and prevent continued operation without review and approval.

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