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Verification of Assembly Processes Using Signatures

The Signature Technologies SA-2000 “SAM module, and Signature Technologies SamView™ Software package can be used to monitor the force vs. distance characteristics of press-fit assemblies, and “snap-together” type assemblies.  The signatureACE® product provides high accuracy and very detailed monitoring in order to assure a high level of process verification.  This technology is also a great quality verification tool for PEM insertion.

Basic Assembly Process Illustration

The illustrated method can perform the same type of test every stroke of the machine so that each part can be individually verified as having been assembled acceptably with properly sized components.  The system works by measuring the force required to displace the assembled component onto it’s mating part.  Minor variations in the process can be detected and using the feature extraction technology of the SAMview software one can establish specific outputs to address failure modes in an annunciation or closed loop control method.  

Process Signature Display

This Graph shows the type of force vs. press position signature that could be expected:

The process test points are completely programmable and can include:

 A: initial contact point  
 B: Initial pressing force
C: Full-engagement force
 D: Seating confirmation
E: Max press force verified


The SAM™ module can handle inputs in groups of 8 up to 56 total points.  If desired, Signature Technologies can provide controls to adjust the forming station(s) dynamically based on the dimensional measurements.

Signature Technologies can supply a wide variety of  solutions to various manufacturing process problems dealing with measurement, verification of properties, tool condition, and machine health.  We can also “close the loop” by performing process adjustments in response to specific variations in force, location, or shape of the work piece, as well as more simple controls which can track and reject specific parts which don’t meet specific quality criteria.

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