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This Product Index is provided to assist those familiar with our products. 


Process Control Packaged Systems

Process Control Hardware Components 

Process Control Software Components

Industrial Computers & Mounting Systems (PC) 

Networking Products

Position Transducers

Force Transducers

SmartSAM Product (Discontinued)

signatureACE® Signature-based Measurement - Hardware
PIP Turnkey Press Control Product
    Functional Description
    Technical Description

SA2000 signatureACE® Overview
     SA2000 Processor
     /BOX Industrial Enclosure (up to 3 SA2000 units and/or PC)
     SA2000 /RES Resolver Input Module
     SA2000 /ENC Encoder Input Module
     SA2000 /SLV Slave Module
     SA2000 /A08 8 pt. Analog Input Module
     SA2000 /A6D 6 pt. Analog + 4 pt. Die-Protection Module
     SA2000 /A+D 4 pt. Analog + 8 pt. Die-Protection Module DISCONTINUED
     SA2000 /D16 16 pt. Die-Protection Module SPECIAL ORDER ONLY
     SA2000 /CAM 8 pt. PLS (Programmable Cams Module)
SA2000 Termination Products 
     SA2000 /TEB Termination Enclosure
     SA2000 /TEC Termination Board

SAMview™ Process Monitoring and Control - Software
  SAMview Software Family Overview
     SAMview /CCM Through the Stroke Tonnage Monitor
     SAMview /DIE Tool Signature-based Die Setup Monitor
     SAMview /SAM Robust Signature Analysis and Control
     SAMview /SPC Feature-Extracted Process SPC System
     Insitu™DM In-Die Dimensional Measurement Software
     SAMview /FEX Advanced Engineering Process Analyzer
     SAMview /MPM Manufacturing Process Monitor - FMC
     SAMview /TRK Automated Part Track and Ejection Functions
     SAMview /SLD Automated 4-slide Setup and Process Verification
     DIEview™ Die-Protection Drive
     CAMview™ 8 pt. PLS/Programmable Cams Driver

ST Industrial Computers & Mounting Systems
/PIP Compact Panel Mount PC
     /PPA Industrial Modular Computer for Tight Spaces
     /PPB Industrial Panel Mount PC for Really Tough Environments
     /PPC Industrial Panel Mount PC for Light Industrial Environments
ST Industrial Computer Accessories    
     /BOX Industrial Enclosure (up to 3 SA2000 units and/or PC)
     /PCU Half Slot Pentium Processor Card
  /KBD Keyboard with Integral Trackball   
     /L15 SuperWideview LCD Display    
     /L18 SuperWideview LCD Display    
     /MSW Wall or Surface Mount Pendant System        
     /MSP Post or Ceiling Mount Pendant System    

ST Networking Products
     SAMnet Real-time ARCNET® Product
     Plantnet Plant-wide Ethernet Product
     SAMPage Pager-based Notification Product

HiRes™ Position Transducers:
     /RSV Resolver
     /CNV Converter
     /BKN Bruderer Resolver Mounting Kit

InSitu™ Sensors:
    µ400 Strainlink
    BL Ball-Lock Punch Force Sensors
    CSL High Over-Range Load Cells
    Custom Sensor Services

   SAM500 Statistical Process Controller®
   (Limited Supply of Spare Parts Still and Upgrades Available)





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