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/A08 Input ModulesignatureACE®

8 Point Analog Module
Model: /A08   Part No. STB-020-5001



This module provides the means to interface up to 8 analog inputs to the SA-2000. It is primarily designed as a Strain Gage interface, but can also be used with self-amplified sensors, Piezo devices and standard signal analog sensors such as analog proximity transducers. One common application is with laser sensors which produce dimensional data. The result being a dimensional profile in the form of a signature of the object passing through the laser beam.  This is a precise and stable analog input that provides it's own regulated strain gauge reference voltage supply.

Using 6 SA2000 equipped with /A08 modules allows a system to have 48 channels, all synchronized, per press or machine.

Accepts up to 8 analog inputs which can be signatured;
Inputs may be either single or differential input (isolated);
Common mode range = ± 5 VDC
Signal Amplification = 2X (± 2.5 V full scale) or 1000X (± 0.005 V full scale);
Sample resolution = 1.221 mV per increment or 2.441 µV per increment;
Built in individually selectable D.C. offset cancellation circuitry (auto-zero) with < 2 nA input offset current;
Provides 12-Bit Multiplexed A/D conversion with <10 µsec. skew between channels;
Built-in D.C. Strain gage bridge excitation of 5 or 10 volts which is short-proof and has built-in bridge balance adjustment;
Up to 0.4 Amps total gage load per board. (Parallel resistance of all gages must be >25 Ohms);
All inputs have the option to have factory installed bias adjustment pots.






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