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About ST (Signature Technologies)

Our Mission

To be the world leader in the development, application, and deployment of signature-based process control (SbPC™) and to serve our customers by providing technologies and products which enable them to gain an intimate understanding of their manufacturing process, thereby, assuring product quality and strengthening their competitive position. We believe that by providing our customers with quality improvement solutions which exceed their expectations we will meet our corporate financial objectives of reasonable and consistent growth.

Our History

Signature Technologies had its roots as the Factory Automation Division of Johnson Controls and later Johnson Yokogawa Corporation. In 1992, Signature Technologies bought the assets of this business unit and began porting the technology of SbPC to open platform software and hardware. Our customer base includes small privately held companies as well as large corporations in North America, Europe, Japan and Australasian. We have established applications in Automotive, Electronics, Electrical, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Energy Storage, Container and numerous other markets with high metalforming content.

Our Focus

We are committed to the development of technologies and applications which illuminate the details within discrete manufacturing processes thereby providing the means to establish true process control. Our goal is to represent this commitment in the form of outstanding service, products and licensed technologies which are user friendly and reliable.  We are committed to solving customer process problems by providing "turn-key" deployment of technology.

Our Industry Viewpoints and What Others Say About Us

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