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Y2K Year 2000 Software Compatibilities
and Support Policy

Signature Technologies has had Y2K compliant software since October 20, 1998.  We have notified all customers in writing and have published availability of free upgrade software since that time. Click this link to obtain FREE test software to test your computer.

If you have a suspected Y2K problem please do the following before contacting ST:

  1. Verify that you have installed version 3.11 or later. If you have not then you will need to send a fax requesting a copy.

  2. Verify that your PC is Y2K compliant.  You can use the link above or other commercially available software to perform this test.

  3. If you contact ST, please have a PO number ready.  ST has performed extensive testing to validate that we are not the source of Y2K incompatibilities and troubleshooting other sources can take a significant amount of service technician time.  We will not provide free support to solve Y2K problems.

Software that is Y2K compatible bears this tag: Y2ksmall.GIF (1853 bytes)

Products Current as of October 20, 1998:

Signature Technologies MS-DOS products are Y2K compliant as of Release 3.11 announced October 20, 1998.

If you suspect a Y2K compliance problem with one of our products:

Please confirm that that the version you are using is no earlier than Release 3.11 by viewing the "about.." screen.

If you wish to upgrade to this or a later version please contact us or go to the upgrades page.

If you are using the 3.11 or later version and have problems then you must bring your computer into compliance.   To determine if your computer is compliant obtain the FREE test software to certify your computer yourself.  It helps to first read about what causes the Y2K problem in detail and how it relates to your computer's operating system and real time clock.

Software prior to Release 3.11 will still function quite effectively except for some minor issues related to playback of signatures, see below.


Products Prior to October 20, 1998:

With regards to the Year 2000 (Y2K) compatibility issue, Signature Technologies, Inc. has the following comments:

All code in the SmartSAM™ processor is Y2K compliant. All data stored to disk is also Y2K compliant. The only exception to Y2K compliance is in the "Playback" screen and is of the cosmetic nature.

The Signature Analysis system consists of two processors - the SmartSAM and the host computer. The SmartSam processor code is typically referred to as "firmware". This document will explain the compatibility of both systems with respect to the coming of the Year 2000 (Y2K).

Y2K Testing

Testing was performed in our facility working with a fully functional press. Testing consisted of rolling the computer date to the last day of 1999 and running normal Press operation before, during and after 1JAN - 2000. Continuous logging of data and playback of signatures indicated no exception to the following statements for the SmartSAM or the MPMview software. Additionally, the development team has reviewed the problem from an analytical standpoint and found no exception to the expected results, based on actual tests.

The SmartSAM

The SmartSAM makes all of the decisions on the quality of the process. It receives information from the PC as to what portion of the press stroke to monitor and reports back to the PC the current stroke count as well as signature (analog) and operating status (digital) of the press. The SmartSAM does not contain the current time/date, nor does it request/reference the current time/date. Therefore, the Y2Kproblem is not applicable to the SmartSAM.

The PC

The PC tells the SmartSAM how to collect data and requests periodic updates from the SAM - Signatures and current operating status. Since the PC does keep time, it is susceptible to the Y2K problem.  However, there is no decision making process taking place based on time/date. All storage takes place based on stroke count. The only time/date stamp in the system is in the form of a saved signature or in the log file and a data entry into a sequential file.

The Signature file format is based on a Microsoft standard and provides a valid date stamp well beyond the year 2000. Therefore, the saving of data is not an issue with respect to Y2K. The current version of SAMview/MPMview supports playing back all signature stored, regardless of date. Proper date is displayed with complete 2000 extension upon request (double click on the abbreviated date to see complete date-stamp).

The Y2K compliance with respect to Playback of archived signatures is as follows. Currently, when using the advanced sort mechanism, the year selections are from ’94 through ’99. This is not Y2K compliant. However, it does not preclude the displaying and playing back of all signatures. In order to play back all signatures, the operator would sort signatures by those which were saved prior to the year 2000 and those saved after the year 2000 - a two step process.

Complete Resolution to the Y2K problem is accomplished in Release 3.11 of SAMview.


            Please email: Kevin Knussmann

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