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signatureACE® /TEB

NEMA 4 Termination Enclosure with /TEC Installed
Model: /TEB  Part No. SC-047-2001

The /TEB is a NEMA 4 rated enclosure which contains the /TEC ST manufactured printed circuit assembly for use in terminating all field wiring to the signatureACE SA2000 controller.  A good balance exists between small packaging and high point count considering that most applications utilize less than 25% of the available points.  All I/O utilizes industry standard OPTO22 style interface modules wTECboxweb.jpg (123824 bytes)hich include an LED for each point and fuse protection on each output.   We supply standard cables for installation in 10, 30 and custom lengths.




Approximate Dimensions

Graphic Images and Mounting Details

Internal Circuit Board (TEC) Features

Important Installation Considerations


Termination enclosure custom manufactured by Rittal for ST based on model EB1552 

Supports Rittal options such as key locks, latching handles, mounting options.

Shipped with Rittal standard key latch.

This EB1552 Rittal enclosure comes with Rittal mounting kit for bolt on without opening box.

High quality pre-installed cables for connection to the TEB/TEC in lengths of 10ft.(/T10); 30ft.(/T30); and, custom lengths up to 100 feet (/T99).  Cables include conduit hub installed.

Pre-punched for 3/4" conduit (1 1/16" dia. hole)  for all wire entry points.

Shipped with plugs in all holes except ST cable entry points.

Durable powder paint finish.

OPTO22 Engineering Details in .PDF format

Approximate Dimensions:

12" L  x 8" W x 3.75" D.  Hinged on long side.  See detail below for exact dimensions or metric dimensions.  Note mounting feet details when designing mounting location.

All holes for external wiring are 3/4" conduit compatible (1 1/16" actual hole size)

Graphic Images and Mounting Dimensional Data:

Click on image to enlarge for detailed view!

Internal View of /TEB with /TEC Dimensional Information: Top View Dimensional Information: Top View

TECboardWEB.jpg (69978 bytes)


The TEC internal printed circuit board (/TEB) features:

Board thickness twice that of most similar products in order to provide no flexure under high loads at center points.
High quality terminals designed for large wiring on control circuits.
High quality terminals designed for easy angled access for signal wiring.
Built in fuse tester for all fuse types used by different module vendors.
LED indication of ±5 power, auto-zero pulse, and fuse test.
User definable I/O has writing surface tags.
Auxiliary power supply terminals.

Price includes 3 OPTO22 outputs and 1 OPTO22  input module.  

Expansion to 8 inputs, 8 outputs and 8 output CAMS (programmable limit switch points) is done through software and adding modules.  

Module voltages can be mixed if required.

Same analog terminals can be used for die-protection, analog signals, and/or strain gauges.

Strain gauge source power provided.

Important Installation Considerations: 

We recommend using only the /TEC board if mounting computer and /TEC in the same enclosure since the /TEB enclosure is not required.

Customer must specify required voltages for OPTO22 modules at time of order or the 120VAC units will be shipped as the default.  

Consult with ST prior to using OPTO 22 for Die-protection applications to ensure adequate speed of outputs...higher speed outputs are available.

Use of isolation mounts required for press mounted applications.  Available as option.





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