In-die Measurement
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Dimensional Measurement Product

..our newest enhancement to the signatureACE®

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Key Benefits of InsituDM:

As its name implies: "in-situ" is in-situation the process!

Why settle for less, get the next generation of in-die measurement technology!

Capture dimensions on the fly, no need to place parts or stop progressions!

Automatically sort parts for specification or rejection with PartTrack™.

Measure before and after hit dimensions and compare during mid-stroke.

No new boxes. As with all signatureACE® products this one is a firmware change and requires
no change to packaging. In most cases a disk will do!

Save money and use an old 486DX PC for the platform instead of tossing it.

Key Features of InsituDM:

All displays are in real-time on your PC of choice, networking to any PC.

Trend display provides at a glance feedback of the trend of your process.

Unrivaled growth potential: 8 points/screen, 6 screens per system=48 points.

Large current measurement display readable to 10 feet!

All measurement labels are in user defined nomenclature.

Instantly switch to other totally integrated signatureACE® modules:
    -die protection;
    -tonnage monitoring;
    -signature analysis;

All signatureACE® modules share the same familiar lower screen.

Designed with attention to high speed presses, complex dies, and transfer lines.

View all 48 points on one screen of 6 display sections.

Monitor up to 8 presses with one system and see them all in "Overview".

Export measurements to other applications such as spread sheets and word processors
using our Xlate™ Utility.

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