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signatureACE® SA2000

Processor Motherboard
Part No. STB-020-5000


The SA-2000's STB-020-5000 Processor Board is a DSP-based module which works in conjunction with the auxiliary plug-in modules for interfacing with various machine mounted sensors in order to provide practical functionality in a variety of industrial control applications with presses and similar machines. Integral with the DSP portion of the processor are programmable position outputs commonly referred to as cams.

Highlights of the SA-2000 are:

  1. Interfaces with the all common die-protection sensors in all forms of signal timing functions/logic with built-in sensor signal conditioning and sensor driver power using the /D16 16 point Digital Input Module;

  2. Interfaces with all common analog signals with built-in strain gauge and piezo signal conditioning and sensor power supplies using the /A08 8 point Analog Input Module;

  3. Interfaces with both digital and analog signals providing die-protection, tonnage monitoring and a host of signature-based analysis and control functions using the /A6D Starter 6 point Analog & 4 Point Digital, the /A+D Combi 4 point Analog & 8 point Digital  Module, or, use one of these cards and additional OPTO22 I/O modules on the /TEB to add up to 4 more logic level die-protection sensor inputs.

  4. Available in PC ISA Bus-style card with field connections made via rear panel connectors or panel /TEB mount with field connections made via integral plug-in terminal strips /TEB or /TEC (enclosed);

  5. PC mount configuration with auxiliary modules occupies two ISA 3/4 length PC slots and draws power from a standard PC (ISA Bus) chassis and requires a SAMnet card for interface to the PC;

  6. Optional NEMA field termination enclosure with integral power supply and mounting for SA-2000 available as option;

  7. Back-lighted LCD graphic operator interface with either function buttons or touch screen for local interface available as option;

  8. On-board Flash Memory provides easy re-programming capability and program retention under power-down conditions;

  9. SAMnet™ (ARCNET®) and serial communication capability are built-in;

  10. Operates on a single +5V @1 Amp power source in remote applications or uses power available from the PC ISA Bus;

  11. Has status LEDs, master reset, network node assignment, hardware-watchdog and read-only serial ID;

  12. Versions which have analog input hardware can be upgraded through the product line using only software upgrading;

  13. All inputs, outputs both digital and analog use commonly available connectors and cable and are designed to directly interface with PLCs, OPTO22 I/O, Phoenix style connectors blocks and DIN standard terminal products.

Provides 8 Hardware Logic Level Inputs, and 16 Hardware Logic Level Outputs:



4 Inputs are pre-assigned to:

Control / Bypass Selection

“Machine Running” signal

Set Limits (Baseline) Command

Reset Fault Command

4 pre-assigned outputs for system control functions:

Warning (Control) Limit Violation output

Press Design Load Curve Violation output

System Mode Status Indicator output

Fault (Quality) Limit Violation output

4 Inputs are available for customization
or for use with OPTO22 modules on the
/TEB (i.e. additional die-protection points)

4 special custom order outputs



8 pre-assigned outputs for programmable cams






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