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SAMnet Real-time Network


SAMnet™ provides the ability to distribute Job, Press, Tool, Signature and SPC information to any computer on the plant-wide network. In addition to Signature Technologies’ real-time display of information on the Host PC, SAMnet now provides current press operation at the boss’s office as well. Any computer connected to the SAMview™ Host PC, via the plant network can request to see current job status. With the push of a button, Signature data can also be presented live on the monitor. Most recent faulting signatures can be played back or printed for timely report presentations.  

SAMnet provides the ability to present timely information where it is needed. This may be a Signature from a damaged tool presented to the Tool and Die shop or the current production rate for a particular press line in the Plant Managers office.

Currently SAMnet will refresh signatures at the rate of once every 2 seconds. This is adjustable, depending on host and client computer performance as well as the number of presses connected to the host and the speed of the presses. Networking performance in no way compromises performance of individual signatureACE® units.


Plant-wide access to manufacturing activity.
View up-to-date Signature and Production information from your office.
Generate Signature, Tool, and Press printouts remotely.
Diagnose problems and provide solutions form your desk.
Tool evaluation by Tool & Die department.

Requirements for the SAMnet global option:

The Signature Technologies Host PC must be equipped with the desired plant Network card.
The Remote PC displaying the data must be running a licensed Network Client version of SAMview and MS DOS 3.2 or greater.
The Signature Technologies, Host PC must be running a licensed Network Host version of SAMview.
The Network System Administrator must set up the Host PC such that the drive containing the database can be mounted by the Client PC. This can be either a "Peer-to-peer" or a "Client-host" configuration.




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