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The signatureACE® Process Monitoring and Control System requires a PC to be functional for setup and reporting.  Frequently the environment in which the PC has to survive is dictated by the type of industry that the system will be installed in.  Thus, ST has standardized on a number of configurations which can all be customized at time of purchase to fit your specific application.  Select from the photos below for the best solution to your industrial PC requirements:

Our Standard Industrial Enclosure

BOX.jpg (267452 bytes)
Box Enclosure (shoe-box size) provides add-in passive backplane PC.




Modular for Electronics Inside Control Enclosure and Display on Front     

FullPPA.jpg (365403 bytes)Features Box Enclosure above with various models of touchscreen LCD panels which facilitate location of PC and signatureACE bulk to a convenient location with an existing enclosure. This allows mounting of the LCD panel on the control panel next to other operator controls without requiring any significant depth behind the display.  Displays come in sizes from 12" to 18".

Panel Mounted for Automotive or Dirty Environments

PPB-12-front_copy.jpg (141290 bytes)
NEMA High Value Rugged Model PPB Workstation with 12 or 15" TFT Display, touchscreen, touchmouse, lockable floppy/CD-RW panel and membrane keyboard. USB port front access. All boards rear access. This unit has a cast front panel and full steel enclosed electronics.

Panel Mounted for Medium Duty Environments and Low Cost

PIPfront.jpg (178618 bytes)

NEMA Front Panel Low Cost Model PIP Workstation with 12 TFT Display, touchscreen, floppy, CD-RW side panel.  All boards top access.




170 Degree Viewing Angle LCDs

15" Black LCD /L15 18" Black LCD /L18

Mounting System Options

/MSW Surface Mount

/MSP Floor/Ceiling Mount





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