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/PIP Industrial Computer

 Supports 2 SA2000 Processors!
 12" SVGA/VGA LCD display
 OSD On-screen display controls
 Resistive Touch Screen
 Includes CD, floppy and HD
 Front panel screen controls
 Less than one cubic foot of volume 
 Just over 9" (231mm) of depth
 Positive Pressure Keeps Out Dirt












The /PIP is a compact, high standard industrial workstation with a high brightness TFT LCD Touch panel, resolution : 800 x 600. This enclosure designed for panel mounting but may be used outside a panel in non-spray down areas with regular filter cleaning.  The front panel meets NEMA 4 requirements.  Access is from top screwed access panel.  Installation should take into account access to left side and top since most installations inside a control enclosure will require removal for service.  /PPB model does not require removal for service but has much higher cost.


Front Panel Meets NEMA4
TFT LCD panel, resolution : 800 x 600
Resistive type touch screen with RS-232 interface
Supports 6  slots backplane, ISA or PCI or combination, determined at order.
Very compact using less than 1 cubic foot of volume.
Supports up to 2 SA2000 units.
Not recommended for DOS based systems since no DOS on-screen keyboard is supported.
Upgradeable CPU
Upgrading to faster CPUs is a plug in upgrade since the CPU is a card that plugs into an expansion
chassis instead of a PC "motherboard".  One plug-in card includes Pentium processor, memory,
video card, hard-disk and floppy disk controllers, and optional network.   Need more power...
just switch out CPU cards.  We usually standardize on the best performance/cost model card. 
You can specify almost any requirement and we can locate a card with those specifications.


Approximately 1 cubic foot
Enclosure body: 312 wide (12.28") x 232 high (9.13") x 231 deep (9.09")
Front panel is 340 wide (13.39" ) x 260 high (10.24") x 9 deep (.35" )
Plastic Bezel front panel meets NEMA 4 or IP65
12.1" high brightness TFT LCD :
          --> Resolution : 800 x 600
          --> Colors : 18 bits
          --> Brightness : 250cd/m2
          --> LCD MTBF : 50,000 hours
          --> Backlight MTBF : 25,000 hours
Side door protected area :
--> 1 x 3.5" FDD
          --> 1 x 5.25" CD
Internal  Drive Bays :
--> 1 x 3.5" FDD
         --> 1 x 5.25" CD
         -->  1 x 3.5" HDD
One 80 mm ball bearing cooling fan with filter
Designed with anti-vibration card clamp to keeping  system stable
 Dynapro resistive type touch screen with RS-232 interface
Operating temperature : 0o ~ 50oC
Power Supply:  AC input 260 W (standard offer):
Input: 90-264 VAC
Output voltage: +5 V @ 17 A; +12 V @ 5 A; -5 V @ 0.2 A; -12 V @ .35 A
MTBF: 100,000 hours
Safety: UL/CSA/TUV


Recommended: 325 (12.80") wide x 245 (9.65") high





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