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/KBD Keyboard w/Trackball

/KBD Keyboard with Integral Trackball  (Large Ball Style)       

Recommended for Operator Use

Built-in 51ř Trackball for pointing and scrolling functions
Windows 95 specific Keyboard featuring for three key total 95 Keys
Reliable Mechanical key switch
Layout : 104.105 keys
Dimension : 485*174*60 (L*W*H )mm
Weight : 1386g
Compatibility : 95 / 98 / 2000 / NT / ME
Interface : PS2
Switch life : 1,000,000 cycle life
Travel distance : 3.5mm ±0.2mm
Operation Voltage : +5Vdc +5%
/KBD Keyboard with Integral Trackball (Small Ball Style)        
Featuring with 23 Hot-key for Internet, MetMedia and other unique functions (including 10 user-programmable keys
Built-in- 3-Button Mini-Trackball for pointing and software-scrolling
Featuring PS/2 interface and Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface ,a Serial adaptor
Windows 98 Keyboard featuring with three ACPI power saving keys
High quality Rubber-Membrane key switch
Detachable ergonomic Wrist-Pad Support
Y-cable with 2 PS/2 ports ; a Serial-adaptor




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