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/PPA Modular Industrial Computer


Product Summary
Key Features
Benefit: Separate Display and CPU up to 30 feet
Benefit: Great Display and Viewing Angles
Benefit: Small Package Fits Existing Crowded Control Panels
Display Specifications
CPU Enclosure Specifications
CPU Specifications

/PPA Display Product Description

/PPA The ST /PPA is a modular industrial PC designed to provide a separate display and computer.  This provides minimal depth requirement at the user interface.  This unit includes touchscreen and display and can be mounted up to 30 feet from the PC chassis using an optional cable (normal cable 6 feet).   Unit has space for two SA2000 signatureACE® processing units w/interface modules, CPU w/display driver and one network card.

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Key Features

Industrially Rated Product (/BOX)
This system is design for use in an industrial environment.  The CPU chassis is fan cooled with input filter and it has 6 ISA slots, internal hard disk, floppy drive and status indicating light.  Mounting rails are provided for vertical wall mount or shelf mount.
Bright Robust Display
Cast Aluminum NEMA IV display (when surface mounted to NEMA IV enclosure) with excellent bright display and touchscreen controls.  Display optimized for wide-angle and top viewing (image can be inverted for above head viewing angle).
Modular Construction
Special display driver unit provides the ability to separate the display and computer chassis by up to 30 feet!  This means you can mount the display in a control panel or pendant and place the CPU in another enclosure more convenient to access.  A pendant enclosure kit is available as an option.
Upgradeable CPU
Upgrading to faster CPUs is a plug in upgrade since the CPU is a card that plugs into an expansion chassis instead of a PC "motherboard".  One plug-in card includes Pentium processor, memory, video card, hard-disk and floppy disk controllers, and optional network.   Need more power...just switch out CPU cards.  We usually standardize on the best performance/cost model card.  You can specify almost any requirement and we can locate a card with those specifications.

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Separate Display and CPU up to 30 feet

The modular construction and special display driver of the /PPA provides the unique benefit of fitting this system into an existing control panel that is already packed with other controls.  The display is approximately 2" deep and the long display driver cable allow the computer chassis, shoe-box sized, to be mounted in a similar space anywhere and at any angle inside the existing control enclosure.

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Bright Display with Great Viewing Angles

Industrial environments require the excellent touch screen, viewing angles and brightness of the /PPA display.

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Small Package Fits Crowded Existing Control Panels

Industrial computers take a large panel area and significant space behind the panel.   Usually existing control panels just do not have the space needed.  The /PPA solves these problems by providing a small bright display with the ability to place the PC chassis in a convenient location with the control panel, powersupply, I/O, signatureACE SA2000 cards and networking card(s).  If you need more than 2 SA2000 cards you can use the /PPD expansion chassis with this display.

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Display Specifications

Introduction - The Display

The /PPA Display is a 10.4" color TFT/STN LCD flat panel monitor for industrial applications.
  It is space saving and light weight to fit anywhere. Its aluminum front panel is compliant to NEMA 4/12 (IP52/56). The /PPA Display comes with an ISA-bus video display card. A shielded 1.8/4.5/10m cable is provided for remote operation.


Front panel: Aluminum panel meets NEMA 4/12 (IP52/56)
Mounting: Panel or wall mount
I/O port: Keyboard connector
Control: One contrast adjustment knob on rear side
Dimensions (W x H x D): 330 x 242 x 50 mm (13" x 9.5" x 2")
Weight: 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)
Touchscreen (optional)
    Type: Analog resistive, continuous resolution
    Light transmission: 75%
    Controller: RS-232 interface
    Power consumption: +5 V @ 200 mA
    Durability: 35 million touch life
    Software driver: Supports DOS, Windows 3.1/95/NT

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Enclosure (BOX) Specifications

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Specifications -  CPU Card

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