18" LCD
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/L18 18" LCD Display


(Shown with Deskmount)

This 18" LCD features a low price and a 170 degree viewing angle with an internal power source which frees up valuable workspace. It also features “No-Touch Auto Adjust,” which automatically adjusts many of the monitor’s display settings upon initial setup without any input from the user and works with both DOS and Windows products without special drivers.  Base is detachable for use with one of our mounting systems with direct mounting to a special pad located on the rear of the monitor. 

This display can be driven directly from the ST /PCU computer card without any other display hardware or software.

Mounting Options:

combo-wall.gif (6447 bytes)

CommandPost.gif (3235 bytes)

/MSW Wall/Surface Mount System /MSP Ceiling or Post Mount System


Screen 18.1" (18.1" viewable image size)
Display Type Analog TFT/Active matrix LCD/XtraView 170° viewing
Native Resolution 1280 x 1024
Horizontal Frequency 24.0 kHz to 82.0 kHz
Orientation Landscape viewing; Removable base (100mm x 100mm mounting hole)






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