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/ENC ModulesignatureACE®

Encoder Input Module
Model: /ENC  Part No. STB-020-5003

This module configures the SA-2000 to provide power for and accept a position reference input from an Incremental Encoder. This is usually used in linear applications which utilize standard encoder output transducers for linear position.  It is not recommended that encoders be used in a rotary application if a resolver can be used.

Features include:

Accepts 5Volt “A”, “B”, and “Z” track inputs with or without their complements;
Supplies power to the encoder at 5 V.D.C. ;
D.C. power is short-proof.
Supplies 1.2K pull-up resistors for Open Collector Outputs;
Either 2X or 1X base resolution is software programmable.






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