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Resolver Input Module
Model: /RES  Part No. STB-020-5002


This module configures the SA-2000 to drive and accept a position reference input from a resolver. The module is designed for use with the ST HiRes™ Resolver, but can be optimized for other resolvers under special order. This module can also be used with the HiRes™ Resolver Converter in cases where it is desired to take the position information from an existing resolver which is part of another system. This module:

Provides 2.5 kHz Reference Signal @ 2Volts RMS. for the ST HiRes™ Resolver;
Is software configurable for 10 Bit (1024 increments), 12 Bit (4096 inc.), 14 Bit (16384 inc.), or 16 Bit (65,536 inc.) resolution;
Accepts: Reference, Sine, and Cosine signals from an external resolver position system when the ST HiRes™ Resolver converter module is used.





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